For my cup is ever filled with Love


  • For is there anyone who knows what loyalty is…
  • To say and then commit, There is one who does it
  • You or Me or Him or Us, Just My God can do this…
  • when I feel less, I run to find shade in Your Rest
  • For I did something, I cant see that shade anymore
  • But my Lord is so merciful to me, He saw me in need and it started to rain, for I can refresh from my pain
  • For you not saw my pain, for you had no more intentions for me, or for who I am
  • For I sorrow as much as I can, why cant they see me in my pain, for I shed blood and sweat,
  • for they can see my happiness, my desire, For what I have done they not see my loyalty
  • Oh my dear heart I have fallen in Love with the House I was born in.
  • For my passion lives inside of my heart, for it not lives in a fortress made of stones
  • so fallen in love, I made a home of love in my heart
  • for no one could ever take chance to make home in it
  • Dear ones, For Love only one does, and keeps it till eternity
  • Its Him, for not me
  • Am a man not who He is
  • Love is like a mirror, For I not see myself but Him who shares eternity with me
  • For I scare my heart doesn’t break, shatter like glass, before that I want to break that glass of reflection
  • The one who shares eternity, for I feel less and Him more, For I am a sinner, saved by his Grace
  • For He keeps his promises, and me sees Him in me…
  • Scares me Am I that much to Him
  • My wine bearer don’t forsake this glass of Love from me, for this is not wine, This is your Heats passion for me not for a moment for eternity
  • For this is how I show my Love to you
  • Cause this wine is not to tremble me, but to bring peace to my soul
  • For my cup is ever filled with Love
  • For you know Loyalty than any one else

Readers Keep Faith, You are Who He is… This is infinite Love… original by Paul King 

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