Lost Hope…


When all sudden I was sitting in the desert, all by my self alone, so alone that my ears could hear the sand moving under my feet, I felt so much pain in my heart for the passion that the Lord has give me to reach the tribes in Gulf and Europe…
How come a man like me be given such a huge responsibility to such an act, He who created the heavens and the earth is so delighted in us that He ensures us with tasks that often make us think we “Lost Hope” , days ago I was reading, and came to know that Light even in the darkest of all darkness has a band width which a normal human eye cannot see, As we Read the Word it says “YHWH” is light and still we cant see him, but we know that HE is always with us, Gave me Hope, if I cant see the light band width of LIght but I know that its there, it gave me hope and faith that My Lord my YHWH is always there side by side of me, Brightest in the Day light and Softest in the Night light….
Summer Started and I came back home form VBCI thought that the Church will help me get to VBCI for my third year and my Pastors clearly said that they wont support me, and me all in my silence left the room where I was confronted, and while I walked away, I came back in the room with a hope that I would get a chance If I turn around and ask in a different way, same answer but in a different way, Our Church cannot help you find a sponsor-or… Tears in my eyes I flew away like a bird, who tries to save its life from the Hunters eyes, Then the Whole summer I tried so hard to get a Job but couldn’t get one, When all were about to leave for Thailand I felt so upset, I almost thought I have lost something so precious to me… But there are always friends that are there to have you in your words of Comfort and prayer… 
“IF mistakenly I fell in trust with you, I shared my Heart as an open opportunity for you to kill, I desire to be yours for I have loved you Like I have loved all Mankind” By Paul KIng II 

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