A sudden turn… Unexpected



Today was a great day and I came back home expecting a great message from my girlfriend, It assuredly was a great message, I felt peace in the first part as I continue reading, it came to this,

                              “At times I feel like people hate me because we are together.At times I feel so condemned by it. And the feeling that I have disappointed people and leaders are not thrilled with the idea of us being together. I am not trying to be rebellious however may think that I am. I just want us to do the will of our God.”

I honestly felt broken heart’ed and prayed strength for her and the decisions she makes.
The sudden point that hit my heart and my very being is “Why is love so self centered and selfish” I am writing this in tears and honestly complete brokenness, I dont know why…
God is complete assurance of our lives, but as we do have an assurance of the family that God has blessed us with and then the friends that help and support us, but why are there people that are so ridiculous about their words, why they don’t show expressions that comfort a heart and give them peace… When I see God feared men and women some of them are my family and brothers and sisters in faith, they do these things to comfort people, My life right now is so twisted… Why cant people stop hurting people, I love my girlfriend the feeling she is having is something very sensitive to her… When I kissed her I promised that I will live only for her and her only… That’s a big promise and I meant every single word, and I did every thing to keep her in a trust bond an a relation of complete integrity an strength and fear of God….

“If I was a Lion I would roar out my love, For I am a man of faith I pray with the strength of a roar, so the devil flees away like the smoke after the thunder”
By Paul King II

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