Engraved on a glass like life…

Image Our lives are so clear, maybe its our eyes that need some sort of treatment or medicine, to see things the way The King of Kings see, A glass like life we have, today we are tomorrow who knows what happens.

I still remember those days when I used to be a stud in high school and college and kept on keeping my pride so strong inside of me, Some days of my life my pain grabbed me so hard, I tried to let go all these cults, I had engraved on my heart, like tattoos my past was horrible and painful.

January 5,2012 was the day I was to preach at VBCI morning chapel service, and I choose a topic from one of the Old Testament books, One of my favorite book to read, even though it is dry and full of sorrows, but in it I see myself completely defined, The Book of Ecclesiastes. It was my 2 semester after new year, and It came to my ears some one wished to hear a sermon from the book of Ecclesiastes, without keeping a second thought in my mind I decided to preach from this book.

3rd Jan 2012,A day from the day I was to preach at morning service. I had a dispute with a loved one 5:30am TH GSM in the morning, I was raged with anger, It was the worst day of my Life, I went back to my dorm and cried so loud, and I was without a clue, what to do. anyways things happen in life and we learn from them. The day comes 5th Jan 2012, had a great worship in the morning, The person I prepared the sermon Left the chapel right after the worship, Because the person had to attend a meeting at the deans office. So I stood without noticing she was not on her seat, A bit sad, maybe she is mad at me, maybe she hates me, Goodness, my sermon, My head was full of freaking and scary thoughts. I started with a prayer and million tears in my heart, I started with a hope, that If not her, then others, Well In my previous Chapter of my Kings Art book blog things happen as they are meant to happen, cause is simple “Destinies are decided in heavens”. I preached and it was my life’s best sermon, well preached, conveyed the message on to the hearts of the receivers. I preached from Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. What happened after the sermon was extraordinary, God saw my heart. I was in study hall and She came in held my hands, and told me something which stoned every thought every particle around my very presence, tears flowed through my eyes, I said sorry. From that day on I took a challenge to see and do things different, the way I used to do.

Ecclesiastes 3:9 says “What do we gain from all our work?” (Good News Bible)
We gain an everlasting price of the good things we do, a simple word “Sorry” created a difference in the life of man like me, and taking a challenge that day embraces the glass like life of me. Kings Solomon in his words show great wisdom. A man like whom was no other man on the very face of the planet earth. Ecclesiastes 3:9, Challenges me still today, that one day took me from one turning point to a new perspective for life.
Challenge yourselves today for a tomorrow, that ensures today that you will definitely be successful.
Proverbs 25:11 “an Idea well-expressed is like a design of gold, set in silver” (Good News Bible)
Dedicated to a very Special person, A challenge that challenged me to engrave gold on silver.
Ps-Birdie Letendre (A mother and a friend in faith for eternity)

2 thoughts on “Engraved on a glass like life…

  1. Thanks dear for the lovely blog post. This truly blessed me but also made me so aware of the power words and actions. I love you always, forever. You’re spirit of my spirit. Hugs -Momma Birdie-

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