Love like never before… She kept me on my toes…


Christmas 2012, was a Victorious Christmas of my Life, when I finally finished my Portrait of my Girlfriend.

I am Paul, as many of my friends Know me around the World, I am a Preacher, Photographer, Designer, Biker, Blogger, and a Loving Love for my Jocelyn. 

I have been in relation for so many times, all that ended on 2012 Christmas, I got a full-stop in my life, where I had to began with a new sentence, and That sentence only consisted of Me and Jocelyn and the life we will share, Its been 10 months already we are in relationship, and we are Best-friends and share every matter with honesty and Integrity, Which is such a blessing for each other, I am so happy that I am in Love with this Girl…

The Story Begins when I first saw Jocelyn in VBCI, The very first word came in my head was “crazy girl”, I had no Idea I was going to commit on spending the rest of my life with this beautiful blond. We both were in VBCI and I was a second year and She was a 1st year, and according to the rules we could not date, but God had a different plan for us, sometime when I remind myself of the past days I am filled with Joy.

At the first semester started of VBCI Jocelyn ended in Continuum and I had to teach her Graphics, which she was really not interested in, But I had to teach her no other way around, and in my head I still had that thought am stuck with a very young girl who is new in life and everything is exciting for her, but still for me she was a “crazy Child”. 

Season of Love has no perfect timing it can happen any time, Love has amassed me so much same is the Love of Christ, when He came in my life, there was no perfect moment or time it just happened, and the sudden effect lasted till today…

After 2days of teaching Jocelyn Editing, we were in continuum, surrounded by many eyes, and voices, everyone was working, I turned around and looked at Jocelyn, and a “Pause” that’s when I fell in love with her, that very moment I got a full-stop in life, and not sure how I can explain more… 

But every thing has its own terms and conditions. God created Man and gave him command over all living beings and then He saw man has need, he needs a partner, even though we today emphasis so much on God my first partner, I cant do anything, I absolutely will agree with that, but We still need a companion, some one we can Kiss some one we can hug, some one we can laugh or cry with, someone like Eve for Adam in the Garden of Eden. There are people who decide to live alone and serve the Lord for the rest of their days, I respect that and Honor them, but for those who feel that they need a partner, I urge that Partner with some one Who is for you.

The moment I felt that “Pause” when I looked in her eyes, I wanted to express my feeling but I stopped myself from doing that, instead I kept quiet for the next few months, That night I was standing in my room balcony, closed the patio door, and started looking at the Stars, and Saw them and was amassed, I wanted to tell Jocelyn What I felt in my heart for Her, But God had a different plan planned out for me… Good thing my Heavenly partner was working along with me, I prayed about it, and in the spirit I felt that 24th December 12:00 midnight I will tell Jocelyn what I have in my heart for her, how much she means to me, Now all these thoughts were to quick to start with.

God is so great He has planned an abundant life for us, He has given us authority over all. I remember the promises He made with Abraham, That is a reminder to all that What God does is eternal, and is forever.

This time in life I left all in the Hands of God I decided to wait until Christmas. But it should not be a boring proposal, so I had to do something special, something I had never done before in life, so I bought a Diary and started writing poems of Love, only for Jocelyn, every word I had in my Heart I wrote it with absolute clarity, and When I felt that this is not enough, I started making a Sketch for her, which was big as a “42 inch LED Screen”, I made the first sketch which I was disappointed, because I am an artist I wanted to see perfection, so I made another one It took me almost 2 weeks to get it done, and I finished 2 days before Christmas, In my heart “I did it, God you were with me the whole time, so be with me now”. 

So I found Jocelyn sitting in the Corridor of our living place, She was sitting skyping with her mom and family, well I asked to wake up till the Christmas rings for 2012, and she did, She was extremely tiered but she waited and when the bells rang I gave her the Christmas present, ” Sketch + Poem book + Letter “… not sure what would happen next, and she said Thank you and went into her room, I felt like I disappointed her or made her feel bad, I came back to my room with absolute no hope, and getting punched right on the face, I was upset, :/ and went to bed, with a little prayer with my words to the Lord, ” God in your hands I give all Happy Christmas Good night mom dad and all” and off to bed was me…

What happened next day was a blessing rain from the heavens, I said “I love you” in return she felt it the same way, we decided we will know each other more than what we know than the usual, and it was a wise decision, and as School year passed, things became more greater for both of us, and we were enjoying our selves and out relationship, God was working among us, and I felt so much in Love.

During all this time I proposed Jocelyn under the moon light and made a covenant with her ” For I am man, and I serve a God who is King of Kings, and I will be with you, and honor you as long as I live, I wont look onto other women for I am yours and yours alone, I will lay my life down for you as Christ did, I will love you Like the Lord loved me despite of who I am and was, so will I do the same, I ask you to be mine today and forever more, ‘Will you marry me some day'” and I stood up brought her close to me, and reached my hands towards her face and Kissed her.

I have never Kissed a girl like this in my life, I never proposed a Girl in my life like this, This was something that was very Divine, and very special, under the moon light, and off we went to our rooms, and from then on we became more close and our friendship grew stronger and stronger…

This is what happened in my life that I really believed I wanted to share. I am 23 years old and am engaged to a beautiful young Blond, She loves the Lord, and the best part she keeps me on my toes…

Dedicated to my Love forever till the end of my days… My one true Love Jocelyn Bartzen.

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