An Outcast

October 23, 1989 birth of a new era in this beings life. Takes time to learn and develop a character which we have gained with the passage of time spent. In the early years of life as a child was very into myself, knew from the beginning that the end to my very existence will be very painful, but what motivated throughout the years and still is that how to go through this painful scenario that has developed in my head.
Often we desire that we can do things that can help us generate a new level of strength but we fail to do so, we lack in faith and in determination. Why not then stepping up and getting through the hard times and in these times develop strength a shield that leads us towards our victory.
Disowned by loved ones and left like an astray, There is always a hope for the wounded, the days when strength and happiness was in full strength, when tears used to write her name in words later formed to be poetic quotes, for now she is offending in her thoughts, need to strengthen so cure can help resist the consequences of pain and suffering.
Desires are always to satisfy our lust for possession, for lust was never a hurdle, and never felt like weak in times when there was suffering for gaining, but now there is no hope, and wilderness rust is over lapping the dreams once seen, for now an outcast is no longer stubborn as was in times of strength.
Loneliness itself a disease a sarcastic disaster, strikes the mind like a hurricane, often things happen, atmosphere change, but this scenario is so underlining, I often think how can I overcome this dark factor, listening to music think of loved ones, pray so many aspects can be brought in, but there is always a silence leading to something new, that very new factor is something that causes a change.
Things happen in life, that cause change, a time to harvest a time to sow the seed, once the organized plot is set the standards start coming. Over ruling the thoughts that come first, opinions start rushing your thought line.
From a distance a couple was sharing their moments of the past or present not really aware of, started starring at them and a sparkling glow started to fall in my eyes, as I turned my eyes around I saw a man with his uncle a worker at the department sharing what happens in the university, as I wagged my eyes I saw another couple walking, they were shy but very confident in their relation, but the observer itself is lonely, how come he is lonely? Are we designed to be alone, The ultimate God created us and brought in a gift a pleasant being to stand next to us in every era of our lives, still we fight with our loneliness.
Cold and lost, uncertain of the next moment, the present is striking my head to think of the next strategy, focused very much on achieving something, which is a very common factor.
Every man for itself, every being for itself has a circle of thoughts, a world of theirs. Do we tend to be like this or are we haunted by this sarcastic scenario, freedom we say we live, but we don’t because we are haunted by our own very thoughts. Lights are sparking in the darkest part of night, they shall lead me home, and shall I follow them or the divine authority above in heavens.

Not in further strength to write…

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