Well Said…

4:30am in the morning 09-06-2014 a message received that we won’t be seeing each other a shocking news struck my ears, locked doors, smoking with a glass of coke, and the only light was from a laptops screen. Tears flowed as like there was a funeral of a loved one, a sudden dizziness overtook the mental state, and lost hold of the conscience and then nowhere to go scenario happened, with full strength encouraged and held my head on the line and committed to that there was happiness in my side that whatever the decision is I am happy, instead there was such brokenness and such drama I was going through “stay unharmed stay happy” is all that I kept on saying all again and again,
Stubborn in my reaction on every text I received, and then the last text “can’t continue, my words can cast you back into this man’s interest, which I don’t want as you are happy with your decision so am I”
A friend of mine KHIZ always reminds me of the worth I have, all the potential, all of her words were there as a friend there in need of one, hmmm, what a co-incidence the very next step I e-mailed KHIZ as she is in China at the moment, well she always has a backup plan for me, and this afternoon all my buddies started texting me, and from nowhere I had this enchanting feeling for this 23oct buddy of mine, what this is I am absolutely not sure… I had a little attraction towards but what this was not really sure, every this I do is so “well said and so straightforward for most people is such stupidity, this is what makes a unique impression of what I am.
There is this uncertain feeling and that is beautiful as this is the time of learning the new phase of love, I doubt this is not wrong as judgment is waiting for the motives if wrong.
Unsure of what the next word would struck out of my mind onto the key pad of my computer, as I write this as a well said oath to myself as a reminder for myself for where I stand from where I started to where I am there is such a new level of understanding in who I am, at what certain levels I can go, reaching the next level in emotions, understanding others, myself and most of all not giving up at all for one emotional breakdown on what I am intention-ed to do.
What a life when everything seems so well said, seems like every single day is like a glomming flower on the side of a river bank where every breeze is so beautiful and touching, where every striking moment is a beauty in itself.
how am I supposed to tell the true tale of life and love in just one single word, it’s so well said the love is not mentioned through lips as eyes are the only door way to the very expression of love…
as so far I know what’s next will be well said…

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