Asleep, don’t wake me up…

For some reasons I keep on writing, recently I told my friend I got bored of photography, something about writing is like I am writing a letter to me in the tangible, a soul to a body message is how I see my writings, a message to me… but this one is something the tangible me needs to know.

A day past and everything changed, everything that I am so sure about huh changed like it was summer today and winter the next moment, how fast it could get was something I had never imagined…
My heart was blind about you, I was too busy staring at the stars for such long, kept on putting out the fires that kept on burning me, kept on taunting me for such a long time, I have seen you smile, seen you cry, jump in joy, and I am just being a lost soul, those waters we stepped in as I jumped and a cry of fear arose such loud and in such care, like a crocodile was right in front of me waiting to kill me, huh such a related voice my imagination was wanting me to wait and hear, at silent waters I sat often and now she was there with me at the silent waters it happened…
You know when our music player continuously changes songs, and we see that diversion of emotions changing. Maybe we just have tuned ourselves to be stereotypes… change like the changing songs on a music player… Really that is how we see life and standing on the edge and I asked her a question… “What will you do as you’re here…” out of nowhere she stood next to me, like she was inside of me… like it was so real and ever thing seemed so small and I was in Love she couldn’t see maybe she is just looking right into my eyes so deep, maybe she can’t hear my voice out loud, Soul to Body I urge you to go tell her that, She is waiting…. Waiting cant loose her hoping that she be Hurt again, Love is not Hurt a relief that is eternal like the Heavenly God.
Soul speaking out loud, crying out in spirit I saw the fears of your heart, as you rushed to mix your tears in the waters of this world, Girl stop your talking I’ll be flying over in the Skies, If there was another method to communicate, I would be the Man to talk right into your eyes into your Heart…
Because I am in Love…
Soul to Body, Speak it out loud, wake her up… She is beautiful when awake, when not dead, when not in pain, when in joy… She is Beautiful, Soul to Body… Ask her for a reason not for a chance, I am making the same mistake again… LOVE

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