U & Us

Ch-1: The Encounter

Things are never the way expected, and many reasons we fail ourselves only because we see no progress in our lives, Seasons change and we just restless beings take no chances maybe we are without reasons to step into a dimension. Our Past often becomes a curse to our existence, and we start blaming ourselves and most of all God, it’s like we faith not in God anymore only in the Suicide of our miserable lives.
Months passed standing under a tree I was on my knees crying out in pain asking for a chance to be accepted back into the arms of what I know as my comfort. Maybe sometimes comfort becomes a pain a curse that seems like never going to get off you, no matter how hard you try. Life matters most to those who live in a comfy world of theirs but is that the answer to what we see and stand and live for never taking a chance for ourselves, and never moving a little further to see how deep the water is or how high are we or how close are we to know what is next in our lives. Maybe this is a lesson we always need to learn and never can we be saved from the judgments of this passive world view. And as this all was running through my head I was in such tears that I could feel myself crying and begging me to get me out of this Body of mine, and it wasn’t the option I could dare to do so, maybe as I said earlier we never take a step further, and that was the time When I had to take a step of faith and walk away standing on the edge and 6months passed, and every passing soul that stood and stared at me wanted me to do what they have wished for, and I kept on standing there with the Lost me.
And days past and nights felt longer than expected, kept of staring at the stars all night long, accused so many time “ sleep dear one” maybe that wasn’t much of an accuse just because I was living a Suicide every passing day of my life.
Sometimes when we are not ready and we feel like we won’t be ready ever again it THE ENCOUNTER happens, and referring this to the situation when we feel whole and complete in every sense of the word and still we fear so much so many questions that we have been asking ourselves from nowhere start to arise again and again and we are so Fucking lost in this phenomena of being not able to digest any of what we encounter what is right in front of us.
Like walking in a park smoking and talking to myself and really not concerned what was happening around me and suddenly a Voice reaches you and you become so responsive now honestly speaking you don’t know what in a hell that person wants from you, and it all started from asking what is new in the Android world of Mobile phones, and I kept on being nice and nice, and kept on talking for hours and hours, and the encounter started to look beautiful and like there was some sunshine and some flowers added to the scene, like a collage image…
And still you are with those questing what and how and why and when… they just kept on haunting you, every time I was with her cigarettes were kept on a pause, and I was just myself and I was I again… and my encounter started to grow longer and longer…


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