Out of the Blue ( Ch-2 )

Summer on the edge and winter breeze touching the tips of my hands, and yet am warm, the shivering cold is yet to strike and soon it be cold. The clear blue skies and its beautiful glance glows the eyes and makes me think why am I so warm as winter is yet to come, and it’s her eyes that are like the bright sun that glows me from the inside out.
as we were traveling all around the city, holding hands and looking at each other witnessing all the sights together and in our conversations we were making love all the time, and holding each other up in encouragement and in faith that we are on the purge of Love.
Some days life seems so dull and dry, as the time comes when am waiting under the tree for her arrival or a chariot with black wild horses carrying her on their back and as she is rushing towards me the leaves on the path fly behind her making a circular vacuum, The scene seems like a artistry of an expert artist.

I always wanted to hear her voice and my name through her lips into my ears. One hot day as we were driving our way back, she wanted that if we could spend the evening together and well In my heart I was wishing it could happen, and she gets a call that it is possible, and she told me that we could hang out till 7:00pm. I was excited and well she dropped me off and I came all the way back to her and picked her car and went away to my friends, and she told me to pick her up by 6:30pm and she was happy and excited and I went away to be with my friends and wait until I pick her up.
As I was with my friends I was talking that I have this feeling like I am scared to see her, now the word scare is not the very of appropriate words in this matter, I might count it as I was having a high heart beat rate and I was like OMG I got to pick her up, I was anxious and scared but I was in the meanwhile time so excited that I had no clue what I was supposed to do.
So the Clock ticks 6:00pm and I rushed my way to the car turned the engine and shifted the gears and on my way was I to see my love.
She came out and was looking here and there her eyes were rooming all around as if she was finding me in the crowd, The car’s engine was on and the AC was running and I actually pulled the handbrakes well she always told me that I forget pulling the handbrake, well this time I did, so when I saw me beauty I shifted the gear and dragged the car right to her and I was unaware that the car was still in Handbrakes mode, crazy me, well when she got in I pulled the handbrakes down and well on our way we went….
As the sun sets as her love grew more and I being on the edge just being pulled into her existence and being loved more and more.
as we holding hands stopped the car on the side of the highway road and holding her face in my palms and I kissed her, and she was like OMG… and then on our way back again, and we drove all around like our home was this car, and she rested in my lap and I kissed her madly as I was driving and making a confession of what I am to her, and this whole scenario was a beautiful act that I could never forget and I still have those moments stored in my head as they are happening right this very moment.
Out of the blue she came in my life and confession of our love in the middle of the desert in eyes we did walked on fresh waters…
This is Life as I see now happening inside of me, the rebirth of my existence in the truest of its form.


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