I can’t sleep…

Thoughts arouse and left me with a thought of what she be dreaming as night falls as her eyes are closed the unfinished thoughts complete in dreams where we are in valleys of love, hands in hands eyes into eyes and lips resting on top of each other and life seems so small a fear that eyes shouldn’t be opened until its all done, as this is life behind closed eyes where there is no fear of losing each other and then there is you and me so far away as my pen is striking the paper imagining the moans and your warm breath reaching me through the air we breathe and this is Love not a faintest thought of monopoly and the deepest desire of what I can and have ever imagined and this is me to you for and forever in a manner.
they say wine is only better if reserved for a longer time, as the aroma when the cork removed and filled glass shakes and the first sip kisses the lips and flows down to the belly weeping the throat and then slighting its way down to the belly where it be soaked and the sable effect reaches the heart and then the game begins which the two only play.
Into your hands I rest my soul tonight as my lips rest on yours and turn my sorrow into treasures of unmeasured riches.
Flying across the valley and then this love seems like without a rest as it’s never going to end as this is a never ending moment, and you look into me into these sorrows as you brighten me up as the day light as this is all happening everything seems so gentle as the waters of Nile where once kings sat and drank the finest wine with the finest women of all the eternity as now I am with you where there is none so reined than you, and nothing is better than this very moment that we are about to share.
The play of lovers as a master Violinist plays the tune of the swing, as heart beat rushes and the solo of your breaths matches with mine and lights up the aroma of what I call is Us, no better name than this, nothing needs to be fixed and this is it and this is not changing, like rolling in the drummers beat striking the heart walls and rushing the edge of your hear and liquefying your soul with mine, tenders and emerging heat glazing me out of dark, and finally I can see you like as your right next to me… I can feel you breath and feel you like never before…
as the blend of this wine remains as now I sleep into your arms and never want anything of better than you.
as I keep on writing and as my heart beat is beating the inner skin as it wants to come out and start beating the words I so write as I am doing so I am on you in you and with you, for eternity and these words are a mark reminder that Love sure do is the corner stone of our existence.

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