The Cold Ambush

No body ringing my bells, and I don’t even know how I have survived and how I will survive, no one even know if I am alive now. I have a family, their reminder is all I wait, and somebody reminds me am going down a leaking hole inside of my heart reminds me of the day you entered my life, no body is knocking at my door, a silent hill I sing on a silent night it is, freezing cold your presence in the spirit is the only tangible of all the heat I am feeling inside of my cold presence.
One day baby we be old and then think of the stories you ever be told, all the stories stuck in the heavy clouds of rain, and that day we be old, and then we be singing all the stories we had and we be laughing a fun day we have inside of us the love we have today will be the garden of thoughts we share today will be the stories we be telling us.
As I am writing all these words I find myself in a field where there is all smoke of all the burning houses seems like a war effect what if love was not there if there was only silence and then the sound of music like an orchestra playing and me sitting in that field broken houses be my comfort and then this silence struck me hard and more it is played more there is cold, oh my lover your insignia is my hope my resting home my pleasant pleasure my securities lies in between these walls that you have for me, your worrying is so fatal that it cleanses my heat but this cold is now becoming an ambush where I find myself hidden and so lost and never to be found oh lover you to are in pain as I am walking across the field and now entering in this city of the dead where I seek no life but death all around me, smoke rising as the burning houses flaming the heat in the air and the ash turning my face grey, kept on walking and I reach your house and knock I did, and there you were with a smile on your face without a thought I survived the cold as I entered your house this warmth you had created for me to rest in after such a long travel I felt like being home, oh lover you have seek the pain of loneliness and I assure you when I saw the walls painted with your blood as my name written with such grace, and I made my self comfortable in home I saw my portrait painted with coal and then my lips were the element painted with your blood, I stood there and feared not, understood how harsh loneliness has treated you so far, I ran across the hall way and reached you in the kitchen when you were preparing dinner soon to be served in the candle light. as night fell I saw you in the only lights we had, in this dark night we were the only living souls living in this dark city where there was no light and no warmth I saw you in my arms and your warmth was recalling my name again and again and it was so beautiful and it was the time when we shared our hearts feelings and so long I rested in my lovers den…

This is how it is every passing cold night I see you and I dream of you, being in the warmth of your beautiful elegance and this is what you have desired to be for me till the end of the lights shut and we share an eternity together.

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