Accepted the way I was…

Summer was good with all the bright rays of the sun and the days were long shorter nights where sleep was under the heaven as I kept on starring at the moon playing my guitar and singing out loud to the Lord of heavens, as If I was a lost soul craving to be in His arms resting in peace not running away but accepting the facts that we so live by as with every passing hour of our miserable lives we keen to hide our sins from mankind I oath not to do so, because when I repented I decided to make an example out of what I was and what I am going to be, because with open doors He who created the heavens accepts us as we are a boat in the open ocean.
A few days past I have’t been sleeping, awake almost all nights missing the summer skies and the stars, winter is beautiful only if you remember the summer haze and it is beautiful.
I was a sinner saved by the grace of His merciful acceptance under the heavens, every time I seek the face of sin I am reminded I am a sinner saved by His Grace, but everytime I come His mighty presence I seek acceptance with open arms why then we keen so much to hide it away from people.
God is good, our everlasting resting place is up there in heaven, then what is right and what is wrong I am still finding it, keeping me clean from the outside and living a shit inside. If this is life then the peak of my existence is going to end in a suicide and this is not me. cause I believe in a better tomorrow, and Hiding things is not me and cant do,
reader endure your self to be the source of repentance for others my sins in the past have been an example to others to bring a change and how I have been a change to myself with surely be a guide to others to change… a simple and small step I took to take a reform without shedding of blood and speaking out big proclamations of my existence and my faith. My faith lies in His mighty grace…
this is me,,, Its been quiet long that I wrote something about myself and well This is me…

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