Where Thy Lovers…

As the peace of my true existence seems so silent, as it is enduring me to be in a resting place where I am never wanting to be awake, and never to be upheld by the frequent faints of the past days when there were battles fought so hard and brutal. As I am walking down the road to the stage where my head be bantered and I be a display of jokes for others to laugh at and leave their remarks on this so fabulous dying sentence, as this cold frozen night seems so long and craving I see myself dying inside and blood in my veins freezing and I can feel the clots in my finger tips, tipsy I get as it was the first time I had a glass of wine and a blend of cigarette.
as this certain thought is hovering in my head I am neither happy nor sad on this fine line where I am so blunt and without a fear, that I call this thought Untitled and I am so dancing with the moves you make when you are just another soul with the thoughts that I be so glorious and guess there is no glory without being abducted by the fact that this life is just a granted opportunity to retaliate with the one that is after life.

What good there is, only that I or we are trying to be, well dear one there is this sadness we so endure to hide, thy lover never knew what is inside of this cold heart of ours as we seek not to be sold out of our miseries and yet we claim to be the ones to profound our selves with our own delighted richness,,,

Here it is then I stand ready to be beheaded and now as I am resting my head a crowd of thousands to witness this theater of reality no loved ones to witness unknown faces making a loud noise that is so untitled where thy lovers are thy claim to be my friends my mates my everything and non is there, and then the time comes he with his strong arms holding the axe and this moment freezes and time is so silent and slow as like a mastery playing Villon with such intensity that the sharp blade when it touches my skin it is chipping through my bones and all the way making a fine cut.
blood flows onto the feet of the slayer and hens the end of the tale I so called Untitled.

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