She is upset

It was a time of need, a time of support, a time of encouragement, hence I am most occupied in confusion that I must have lead her to a new line a new way to understand, yet I failed once again, she was beautiful again like the days I had, like the finest blend of the finest wine I once had in my youth. And as the wind grew stronger so was her health and her youth, you never grew old in my eyes never sick in my thoughts; she was always refreshment to this stale lake of miseries. I stink of my miserable existence grew and grew, yet I was becoming a disappointment for her, how much more do I curse myself, how much more I treat myself this way for I am never going to win her heart, she claims me like I was born to be with her, but am I the one she always has believed for and wanting to share her house in the valleys of absolute silence surrounded with the vine yards of love and depths of heart touching mountains.

Oh my lord, yet I start to embrace her in my thoughts such stink of my wounds starts to disappear and a fragrance of her fragrant presence overtakes my miseries, such is her existence important to this soul of mine.

Summer oh summer why such heat melts me and drenches my heart. I shut myself into the scourging heat and then I was all in tears and bathing in my own sweat asking for mercy and forgiveness from the lord, why would He listen He would never listen because I caused stress into the mind of His most beloved, such is my love, affectionate and most beloved to my lord.

Why such hardness leaks us into the cause of pain, I am most considered sinner on the face of earth, yet I seek the desire of my love and yet I seek hers and hers alone desire, my heart ponds like a hammer striking a concrete wall.

I am restless and I am tiered, yet I await and am willing to sacrifice everything for the love I share with you. Nothing I mean nothing can separate us, for this I am very sure, unless it’s the kiss of death that departs me from you, and the laws of this unjust world go against my favor and endure my soul to rest in the endless fires of Hell.
Forgiveness is all I seek



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