Fools in Love

Why do fools fall in love? And when we do fall, why do our faculties of reason–and decency and self-respect and even right and wrong–sometimes not come along? For that matter, why would anyone reciprocate the love of a partner who has come so romantically unhinged?

A lot of questions to be answered and yet none found helpful to the pain we have inside of us.

I sometimes am a fool for love, well most of the times, currently I am in love with the most decorative person I could have ever imagined of, she is strong and independent, most of my shopping list is created by her, all of my life I wore grey and black, she took me out of it, even though I am a student of Arts but she knows more about colors than I do, She is amassing when it comes to making choices, and I love being her fool, my imagination is what fantasizes her and so are my affections towards her. She is an alien when it comes to love, because it’s something that is not found in the books of this world, she does it in her own original way. She is a 100% original.

Sometimes she is desperate to make things better but as we live in a society full of idiots she gets depressed and well often loses control those days are rather living than dying because that’s when I get complete opportunity to cuddle her and stand by her side no matter what the consequences, I am being very honest my lover is a jealous one, she knows me more than I know myself she treats me like a queen mad in love for his king. Now that is what love is all I have ever dream’t about.

I have been in love before even engaged once, but every time that happened I was left under the dark clouds of depression and uncertainty. Yes that is exactly what happens when you make wrong choices in life and they lead you to a dead end. For me love is like living a God inside and when it’s not watered and taken care it is like a dead soul in a living body, a vacuum so huge that it cannot be filled so dark even the sun light seems less to fill it up.

Sometimes things don’t come along well, but yet if you find the right match it is what you want. And I have it all, because I don’t ask its already known and given, this is my wild imagination and she is the light that filled my heart when it was dark hallow and broken, she glued the walls of my broken heart and ensured it with her charm and protection, because she is my jealous lover. And I am dancing every moment as I live.

She is the decency and the re-creator of my existence. Extremist in love and Queen of hearts, truly mine all mine, and never letting me go type of thing.
Some days I think is she real or is she a part of my crazy imagination. Well that’s what makes me a fool in love for her. And it’s unchangeable and unconditional.


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