The high walls

It’s a tradition of ages that only one in millions receive the trophy, well I am not a gladiator who won a battle to win the heart of a princess yet I claim the most beautiful kingdom in all kingdoms of the earth it’s her heart where I nourish my soul. One morning it was all beautiful when I received a message tied with the feet of a fine white dove that came right sitting on my shoulder, after a while I realized it had a message for me, well I checked it and it was a call order from the kingdom of my love, how charming would it be when I realized I had to cross a dark forest and all those troubles she mentioned would come along the way, I with a strong heart never backed myself from her call. Eventually I gathered my troops started my journey early in the morning, as I was traveling storms of ugly thoughts were haunting me, yet my aim was clear and I was determined to reach when I was destined.

As the day passed it started to become hotter and hotter and I was drained and my thirst was raging, yet I was close to my lover’s palace. Finally I reached where my heart belonged. High walls a huge gate standing in front of me, I stood there and realized its time, yet not afraid willing to die for the cause I had travelled thousands of miles. She came to receive me took me to the high palace and hid me in a huge room with beautiful lights and lots of candles and there was a huge bed with silk and velvet beddings and everything seemed so beautiful, I on the other hand a simple crafts men who never had the experience of such wealth was so amassed that how glorious are kings and queens and how glorifying is the wealth that God almighty blesses them. Well as I was waiting for my princess to return to me, she came in her body was covered with the finest linen and every inch of her body was as it was a moving flower with petals of a dark red rose. What marvels you name seem so less as when you see the beauty of my princess. A long breath I took and she served me with the finest red wines of the kingdom; I quenched my thirst with it and was doped in her love. Every second that passed seemed like it was an eternity, yet the tornado was about to come. After hours of spending time together the palace gauds were about to change shifts and my princess was worried that I might get hurt so she prepared a meal for me before I leave her in the high palace walls, we spent time together made love like never before and had kept our vows travelled all across the palace keeping our silences and bathe in the cool blue waters of the high gardens of the palace. When it was time we shared our kisses and blessed each other with vows of protection and never letting go of each other, and then I went she guided me toward a secret passage leading me outside the palace without being caught by the guards. As I was walking my lips were vibrating so was my body every inch of my existence felt her presence around me, like she was protecting. What a day it was what I life I lived in just one day. They say kings and queens are chosen, I say I choose not to be a king yet lover to a queen.


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