Beautiful days only remain when hearts remain attached, how often do we experience such values, probably not much, but as wise men say there is always a possibility, and this is it.

Like every day I thought it would be the same, but why then everything seemed so beautiful the moment I was with her, this feeling of being eternal and being not alone is just without words, for not the first time but many of the first times I am without words, I mean how is it possible that I am without words, I mean am still writing but yet my thoughts are frozen not with cold but with the warmth of love. A day in a man’s life when he desires to be  loved and loved like it’s the first kiss like it’s the dream come true, like its everything like it’s just the starting of a new beginning.

The smile, teasing, laughing, making fun, running, dancing all together sounds like a fine orchestra, yet played only by two, finally I am getting my words back, it’s because only two can play this game of love.

My life is beautiful; I do not want to embrace it by claiming the most decorative love, but with the claim of being an honest one to my existence my God and my one true love.

My words oh my words, sound me with the waters of heaven, quench my thirst with your love, dream me into the valleys of kingdoms of the earth, rest my soul in the pastures of green grass. I see you in all the beauty of the Lord God, yet its love and its unconditional, I say I am in love all over again.

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