fold to fade

Here we are we have just begun with what was once told it only happens after when two become one, every time I see women I think what makes them so different, well is its just the ability of them to pleasure your needs, help you meet the standards of romance things you imagine they provide, maybe all men are not alike, some are different some are like lets get over with it.
Here is a story of a young boy seeking to love, to him love is different, to him love is like dreaming with open eyes, with the feeling of life in it, with every beat his heart beats he dreams of experiencing it, yet he is on a far way reaching that destination. He looks up and see the stars sparkling and on the ground he sees the grass dancing with the breeze, yet he is so metaphorical in his approach to love, its not about he finds the one who could understand what he thinks, he just wants some one to experience that love without any bondage, this craziness is so divine as he says so.
” when I am naked and am not ashamed of anything, when she is naked and she has that shyness like fear in the eyes of a gazelle, her eyes sparkle as the light of the twinkling stars, her lips when move to create words, the departing of her lips from one another there is this layer that breaks apart and hens the sound produced, and then she takes a deep breath and i could see her vocal cord slightly moving up and down like some humming bird sucking nectar from a flower, the movement of her breast as she breaths heavily, and her hands couldn’t stop reaching my chest, and move slowly up to the back of my hair, and she grabs them and pulls them with a moaning sound and comes as close as she can without fear and then kisses my lips, and she chews lips as some deer feeding on grass, such nature reflects in the beauty of her innocent love, its so crazy, its slow yet the venom is so strong that I could fee the blood flowing in my veins, and she reaches my ear lobes and slides her tongue with it, like some kub feeding on milk, its so intense, then the bodies get warmer and warmer and starts sweating and its like being in a hot shower with just the two playing the game of love, a never ending resistless game, and she gets crazier in her movements like she cant resist those eyes with so much to give, and its a breeze that starts and never ends”
how come one dream so hard, open eyes and welcome every imagination and crafting these thoughts into a frame, like sewing apples of gold on a frame of silver, embroidered with jewels.
fold to fade, yet unfolded its quiet and brutal, and never ending its not lust its love.


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