My absolute Subconcious

Before I begin This is how I think and this is absolutely how I want to grow old holding you close to me and will never leave your side my Beauty,

Another year past in my life, don’t know how many more to come, last year same night I wasn’t alone I was with someone sharing the dreams and all the emotions left in this vessel, I never knew we would come this far sharing so many things our lives in particular. The question she asked me a year past why does you and why do I love each other so much…? This was truly the hardest question of all I have ever put my mind forth to, and trust me I am writing after a really long time, and I have nothing to write about other than us, because She is all I have to write and that’s what I am going to keep on writing, Oh God I really get distracted. Well the reason is that I am listening to Thai songs at the moment something about foreign language is that it never lets you distracted, 20 years from now If I live I would still remember this night because tonight is when I bought my Lady her first ever new year eve present from my life first salary we not to forget I am working in a design agency as its official Art Director and Graphic Designer working two jobs is really freakish, trust me dear reader I have broken many hearts in the past years and ignored many friends tonight as tonight was the night She made so special.

I am a monster inside and love eating people’s emotions it’s like my most esteemed hobby, playing with peoples chemistry and burn them like anything and live on those emotions, huh well not anymore this person has truly shown me the path to eternity and well held me really close to what I should have belonged long ago in the past. Sometimes paths unite for a grater purpose, and I now witness things that I would have witnessed after 20 years from now. This hard rock life style is really what I living inside.

Why I love you is because I never loved anyone truly or maybe that was just a disillusioned thought of love inside of me. And every time I tell her I love her I feel like there is more that I should have done or should do, why she loves me is because she always wanted a monster to love the beauty of the capricious desert the beauty of the wilderness the beauty of heaven and earth, huh what a beautiful mind I feel right now, as like the beats of this heart breaking thoughts striking my mind and leading me to a new dimension and yet I am on my way to the far ends of my sub conscious.

Let me remind you something that Love is not a game it is something that not only comes with experience but it’s the rule that has been set up in heaven and only those learn it who truly have a heart carving for it its thirst is everlasting and when the vessel is filled with its capricious venom that is when love is truly felt, and I felt it with her.


Happy New Year Babe, I love you “Fajr Haroon” I live and write as there is nothing of such interest I really want to experience My whole life is now circulating around you.


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