Your Name is what I am

Memories I have no meaning, no one ever cared no one believed In the potential that existed inside of me, for no reason it’s this fearful past that haunts me every second of the life and I have no cure to it, since when was the last time I ever cared for the things that matter the most and someone really believed in the original reality that was in my mind.

2 years that’s all I now remember and ever want to remind myself with Is you. How far I can assure you with all that is in my heart and there is nothing that I can forget every inch of these memories are the greatest achievements of my life, If I die today I won’t ever have a regret of what I have experienced yet even death hates me now because it thinks am not worthy of its lust and its desire.

Ever imagined having sex with death, I think I had and it’s not that beautiful when you dive in the middle of the ocean and then there is no one to rescue the more you let go of it the more it tempts you and its venomous temptation is out stated and no words can comparison its ……..?

The very first time my lips slipped upon her skin I felt as if the rivers of honey flowed underneath my lips as if the silk was floating in its purest. What a life it was what a moment it was.

The first time I kissed those rosy lips those lips that once sung the songs of love that were now so broken and no morning dew ever floated on them, and those dry treambling lips started to glow. That yellow dress those blue jeans those white feet with those slippers in water , even that muddy water started to become clearer when she stepped into them and that was she.

I Love You ……………………..


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