The body has been reclaimed as object.

Our hyper sexualized culture has forced women into a prison of hypocrisy for centuries. Through the fake myth of female sexual liberation through the male gaze, perpetuated by the media throughout the decades, we have forced ourselves into the gilded cage of self-objectification.

We now demand a true liberation of the body from all preconceptions founded on the duality of spiritual and physical which has plagued our culture since the dawn of time. The Female is Body; the Male is Mind. We want this binary opposition annihilated, the ultimate barrier is the hierarchisation of gender!

We are all Flesh. We are plastic material, the strength of existence the mortality of all of creation.

In our reclaiming of the pure form of flesh, all distinctions of gender and race are destroyed. We believe in the aspiration for ultimate equality in our original essence, immune from the socialized conventions of our minds.

We believe the Mind, as structured by pre-conceived notions rooted in our social being, is the greatest obstacle to the Body as pure Potential. We refuse the Body as an expression of gender defined eroticization, as imposed by our society.


It is pure pleasure of Matter, to be moulded into Form by the empowerment of the female gaze. We choose objectification as the extreme act of removal of our collective subjectivity, allowing pure body language to break through the suffocating mountains of glossy bodies built for Male ownership.

We reclaim Objectification as a means of ultimate ownership of our bodies.

To Women.



What good is for a man? Wealth, riches, freedom, women is there anything more than that even if there is it is just the fatigue of our own mind and subconscious.

There is never going to be that perfect in your life or an opportunity in your life, it’s never going to happen, you need to create that time in your life, that perfect moment.
People go to jobs they don’t want to go and they don’t want mind in doing that because they become comfortable truth is they become satisfied, jobs that are making them sick, when you have a goal that will make you get yourself out of that comfort zone, what will you do when the angel of misery visits you what will you Do?

We were born to be phenomenal and we were born to be what God has always decided us to be, and for some of us have to make those sacrifices and working for some else and make their dreams come to reality and when that happens your dreams are fulfilled, your parents are never going to understand and they are going to push you to your limits and we are going to be dragged to a grave yard where you seem so hopeless and everything seems meaningless, because it is up to us whether we give up or stand up and fight it to the ground.

Most people take their ideas to the graveyard and everyone is against you, and that’s not bad it’s beautiful, because you’re chasing your dream. Graveyard is where everyone wants to go but trust me it’s not the easiest place for everyone, that’s where ideas come and that’s where inspirations take birth, the death to oneself is the birth of a warrior.

The greatest enemy to your existence is you yourself and no enemy from the outside can harm you, you can dream and mend them the way you want them to be.
Keep up the dream and push yourself to the limits where people say your goanna die, and that’s when you’re going to Live and that’s when you’re at peace.