The Cold Ambush

No body ringing my bells, and I don’t even know how I have survived and how I will survive, no one even know if I am alive now. I have a family, their reminder is all I wait, and somebody reminds me am going down a leaking hole inside of my heart reminds me of the day you entered my life, no body is knocking at my door, a silent hill I sing on a silent night it is, freezing cold your presence in the spirit is the only tangible of all the heat I am feeling inside of my cold presence.
One day baby we be old and then think of the stories you ever be told, all the stories stuck in the heavy clouds of rain, and that day we be old, and then we be singing all the stories we had and we be laughing a fun day we have inside of us the love we have today will be the garden of thoughts we share today will be the stories we be telling us.
As I am writing all these words I find myself in a field where there is all smoke of all the burning houses seems like a war effect what if love was not there if there was only silence and then the sound of music like an orchestra playing and me sitting in that field broken houses be my comfort and then this silence struck me hard and more it is played more there is cold, oh my lover your insignia is my hope my resting home my pleasant pleasure my securities lies in between these walls that you have for me, your worrying is so fatal that it cleanses my heat but this cold is now becoming an ambush where I find myself hidden and so lost and never to be found oh lover you to are in pain as I am walking across the field and now entering in this city of the dead where I seek no life but death all around me, smoke rising as the burning houses flaming the heat in the air and the ash turning my face grey, kept on walking and I reach your house and knock I did, and there you were with a smile on your face without a thought I survived the cold as I entered your house this warmth you had created for me to rest in after such a long travel I felt like being home, oh lover you have seek the pain of loneliness and I assure you when I saw the walls painted with your blood as my name written with such grace, and I made my self comfortable in home I saw my portrait painted with coal and then my lips were the element painted with your blood, I stood there and feared not, understood how harsh loneliness has treated you so far, I ran across the hall way and reached you in the kitchen when you were preparing dinner soon to be served in the candle light. as night fell I saw you in the only lights we had, in this dark night we were the only living souls living in this dark city where there was no light and no warmth I saw you in my arms and your warmth was recalling my name again and again and it was so beautiful and it was the time when we shared our hearts feelings and so long I rested in my lovers den…

This is how it is every passing cold night I see you and I dream of you, being in the warmth of your beautiful elegance and this is what you have desired to be for me till the end of the lights shut and we share an eternity together.


I can’t sleep…

Thoughts arouse and left me with a thought of what she be dreaming as night falls as her eyes are closed the unfinished thoughts complete in dreams where we are in valleys of love, hands in hands eyes into eyes and lips resting on top of each other and life seems so small a fear that eyes shouldn’t be opened until its all done, as this is life behind closed eyes where there is no fear of losing each other and then there is you and me so far away as my pen is striking the paper imagining the moans and your warm breath reaching me through the air we breathe and this is Love not a faintest thought of monopoly and the deepest desire of what I can and have ever imagined and this is me to you for and forever in a manner.
they say wine is only better if reserved for a longer time, as the aroma when the cork removed and filled glass shakes and the first sip kisses the lips and flows down to the belly weeping the throat and then slighting its way down to the belly where it be soaked and the sable effect reaches the heart and then the game begins which the two only play.
Into your hands I rest my soul tonight as my lips rest on yours and turn my sorrow into treasures of unmeasured riches.
Flying across the valley and then this love seems like without a rest as it’s never going to end as this is a never ending moment, and you look into me into these sorrows as you brighten me up as the day light as this is all happening everything seems so gentle as the waters of Nile where once kings sat and drank the finest wine with the finest women of all the eternity as now I am with you where there is none so reined than you, and nothing is better than this very moment that we are about to share.
The play of lovers as a master Violinist plays the tune of the swing, as heart beat rushes and the solo of your breaths matches with mine and lights up the aroma of what I call is Us, no better name than this, nothing needs to be fixed and this is it and this is not changing, like rolling in the drummers beat striking the heart walls and rushing the edge of your hear and liquefying your soul with mine, tenders and emerging heat glazing me out of dark, and finally I can see you like as your right next to me… I can feel you breath and feel you like never before…
as the blend of this wine remains as now I sleep into your arms and never want anything of better than you.
as I keep on writing and as my heart beat is beating the inner skin as it wants to come out and start beating the words I so write as I am doing so I am on you in you and with you, for eternity and these words are a mark reminder that Love sure do is the corner stone of our existence.

My past haunts me…

A life we hold inside of us can often become a haunt in our present, and this is the only cause that we are unable to process the present and the beautiful blessings we hold inside of us. I love what King Solomon says in the book of Ecclesiastes Ch-3
There is a time for everything,  and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,  a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend,  a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate,  a time for war and a time for peace.

These words every time I read them remind me of the time I was back in Thailand, and even now I remind myself with these words and even then when I look around of myself I see what is happening shouldn’t be happening, people go through a lot in their lives and so did I, not denying what is happening and what is about to happen.

This love now I live is so vivid and so different on so many different levels, that I can’t deny of the words and confesses I made, all those crazy things I did I am not giving up on them.

Somehow this temple we built its traces seem to blur as its out of focus, as the past is now becoming a haunt for my lovers heart as if it is a repetition of what has happened in the past.
how to make her realize it is a beautiful present a proclamation of the future full of love and full of hope as it is not just U or me or her it is Us now, it is the time when we will fly to a place where no one knows us know one recognizes us, where it’s just Us, we are knows not by me or you but by Us,

This past is why so intense why the traces of it are making me feel like I am just of no help and my anger just rages me to do more worse to this heart of hers where I started painting with love and with all that I can be, But still something is missing, I am no God or no saint just a man with my faults in my stars but still wanting the best you can desire to be.

Stones are striking are my head, I ask them why are you hitting me as I am your enemy who breaks you and bake and turns into a temple for others to praise the art of my hands, as it is nothing like that as once I made you my God, as I used you to engrave my lovers name, how come then I be of any hurt to the stones that were once the plate of my lovers letters.

The past is such a haunt as I am of no cause of relief but only of pain to my lover’s heart.
Her name is peace; her eyes are the temple of light to rest her heart is like the canvas for the master painter to paint the finest of his works.
I have seen my lover face to face, some days hidden in dark some days sparkling in the brightest of days, as this is not you nor me it US.. Why so then I can’t cause the past not to be a haunt in this present she claims the best thing ever happened in her life.

Whatever is has already been,
and what will be has been before;
and God will call the past to account.[b]

And I saw something else under the sun:

In the place of judgment—wickedness was there,
in the place of justice—wickedness was there.

I said to myself,

“God will bring into judgment
both the righteous and the wicked,
for there will be a time for every activity,
a time to judge every deed.”

Asleep, don’t wake me up…

For some reasons I keep on writing, recently I told my friend I got bored of photography, something about writing is like I am writing a letter to me in the tangible, a soul to a body message is how I see my writings, a message to me… but this one is something the tangible me needs to know.

A day past and everything changed, everything that I am so sure about huh changed like it was summer today and winter the next moment, how fast it could get was something I had never imagined…
My heart was blind about you, I was too busy staring at the stars for such long, kept on putting out the fires that kept on burning me, kept on taunting me for such a long time, I have seen you smile, seen you cry, jump in joy, and I am just being a lost soul, those waters we stepped in as I jumped and a cry of fear arose such loud and in such care, like a crocodile was right in front of me waiting to kill me, huh such a related voice my imagination was wanting me to wait and hear, at silent waters I sat often and now she was there with me at the silent waters it happened…
You know when our music player continuously changes songs, and we see that diversion of emotions changing. Maybe we just have tuned ourselves to be stereotypes… change like the changing songs on a music player… Really that is how we see life and standing on the edge and I asked her a question… “What will you do as you’re here…” out of nowhere she stood next to me, like she was inside of me… like it was so real and ever thing seemed so small and I was in Love she couldn’t see maybe she is just looking right into my eyes so deep, maybe she can’t hear my voice out loud, Soul to Body I urge you to go tell her that, She is waiting…. Waiting cant loose her hoping that she be Hurt again, Love is not Hurt a relief that is eternal like the Heavenly God.
Soul speaking out loud, crying out in spirit I saw the fears of your heart, as you rushed to mix your tears in the waters of this world, Girl stop your talking I’ll be flying over in the Skies, If there was another method to communicate, I would be the Man to talk right into your eyes into your Heart…
Because I am in Love…
Soul to Body, Speak it out loud, wake her up… She is beautiful when awake, when not dead, when not in pain, when in joy… She is Beautiful, Soul to Body… Ask her for a reason not for a chance, I am making the same mistake again… LOVE

Imaginations leading to predictions undefined….

Ever since I lost hold of the things that once were so close to me, as like if it was a star falling down on earth breaking the horizon line, so was I lost and suddenly found by non but self. Tried to keep a hold of myself not even sure if I was scared, like a star moving away. Kept on imagining even though I was told never to look back with no regret but still I kept on looking back when I told myself that there was no hope like it was a small world I was living in, and then things started to happen different as I saw my shadow on distance asking let me be granted with a scar what an imagination leading me to nowhere keeping things short often lead us to something defined only to us, for what has done wrong by the ones that we care and love so much more.
In the wildest of my dreams I listened only to screams, I don’t know how to tell her how to feel, maybe it’s time to move on, it’s like there is no one in the heart, I want to move somewhere else, an illusion illuminating every bit of what was holding me together, kept on telling me to clear things out, all those shitty acts that were just a commitment to what was made once, for sure it was love only for a friend, embarrassed not for what happened for only that it was me that was being a help. On every step I took I was more than a friend, loved like none that I have ever loved, cared more than I had to, maybe I was kept wrong. There is heaven and yes there is God, on earth was a soul that kept on scaring me like never before, not for what it was but it was an unusual case I made an agreement to.
It begins in the summer days, few friends disputing over one soul, hurt and lost was that person, maybe I invited myself uninvited and led into a new direction as I was some sort of counselor. I don’t know how people pretend that they are the only ones that know love is only known to them. Makes me laugh often when I was always reminded by a dear friend of mine “ so you know what love is” and I always kept on giving my own perspectives, and he kept on laughing and making fun of me and always helping me to understand that it’s a both way, “ you can’t love if it’s just one sided”.
As time passed things started to happen different they used to be, even at the end of the no matter how smart or how unusual I can be I am still a man with a heart, and its beating, responses cause my heart to beat different in different scenarios, maybe she forgot that I was just a friend, maybe she left herself unconscious and lead to an unknown direction, kept on telling me the thoughts that roughed her head and raged her up with anger, and me just a silent listener as if my whole concentration was towards the case I was dealing with.
I was ready for the rain to pour down on me, most of all I was ready for every consequence I was to be offered, it’s a hard business when you are in the counselors seat, most certainly when you tell people that alright you’re ready to see yourself, and that’s the time when they start screaming at you, and forget every bit of what had been done, and that’s the hardest part, a person like me who has anger issues and I don’t know when it came from maybe I was just not holding on to the position I was. And that is what needs to be understand that when you’re on a seat stick to the agreement’s you make, honestly it ruins the case you’re dealing with along with your reputation.
And after all what was happened, I was under water and I was breathing fine, and she was crazy and I was all breathing fine, cause I gave all of me, and still I was breathing. How many times I have to tell even when your crying your looking beautiful, like a muse in a forest, beautiful and elegant in all that I could speak of, all those curves and edges of that mind it was all beautiful to know, hustled in the rusted gossips that everyone could have ever offered, silenced and kept on listening, and then the raging volcano outraged and anger rushed like it was tsunami and it ruined the end and the beginning, even when I was winning or losing. And hens it ended in a disaster and now it’s just a vacant thought of the past, a lesson learned well, never leave the seat stick to it, it’s hard to be a good listener when you’re working on both ends…

Well Said…

4:30am in the morning 09-06-2014 a message received that we won’t be seeing each other a shocking news struck my ears, locked doors, smoking with a glass of coke, and the only light was from a laptops screen. Tears flowed as like there was a funeral of a loved one, a sudden dizziness overtook the mental state, and lost hold of the conscience and then nowhere to go scenario happened, with full strength encouraged and held my head on the line and committed to that there was happiness in my side that whatever the decision is I am happy, instead there was such brokenness and such drama I was going through “stay unharmed stay happy” is all that I kept on saying all again and again,
Stubborn in my reaction on every text I received, and then the last text “can’t continue, my words can cast you back into this man’s interest, which I don’t want as you are happy with your decision so am I”
A friend of mine KHIZ always reminds me of the worth I have, all the potential, all of her words were there as a friend there in need of one, hmmm, what a co-incidence the very next step I e-mailed KHIZ as she is in China at the moment, well she always has a backup plan for me, and this afternoon all my buddies started texting me, and from nowhere I had this enchanting feeling for this 23oct buddy of mine, what this is I am absolutely not sure… I had a little attraction towards but what this was not really sure, every this I do is so “well said and so straightforward for most people is such stupidity, this is what makes a unique impression of what I am.
There is this uncertain feeling and that is beautiful as this is the time of learning the new phase of love, I doubt this is not wrong as judgment is waiting for the motives if wrong.
Unsure of what the next word would struck out of my mind onto the key pad of my computer, as I write this as a well said oath to myself as a reminder for myself for where I stand from where I started to where I am there is such a new level of understanding in who I am, at what certain levels I can go, reaching the next level in emotions, understanding others, myself and most of all not giving up at all for one emotional breakdown on what I am intention-ed to do.
What a life when everything seems so well said, seems like every single day is like a glomming flower on the side of a river bank where every breeze is so beautiful and touching, where every striking moment is a beauty in itself.
how am I supposed to tell the true tale of life and love in just one single word, it’s so well said the love is not mentioned through lips as eyes are the only door way to the very expression of love…
as so far I know what’s next will be well said…

Demonic Inside

Obscured with my very own insecure personality, over doomed with the sense of my insanity, keep on running back and forth seeking for the truth every human is doomed with their very own personal theology and this is leading to a uncertain hell, the curse is rising demons are overruling the insecure minds of the very creation of the King.
Demanding a secure pass was as there is none, no one seeks the hard path reaching the level of curse where we oath ourselves with a thought as we faith in our suicide.
light was right ahead that deep dark hole was a curse, so many thoughts striking, scratching arms, pulling hairs, tear flowing eyes, and then there is insane obscurity of the demons presence, as the slight hitting call seemed to be delighting and then it turned to be a curse once again held up straight into the devils hands and once again faith in my very suicide began, devil like a whore substance into the aroma of an angel, that smiling lips those tempting eyes, turned the soul to become pervert once again lost host of my senses and ruined the creation of that very imagery.
Not saint not a soul seeker, scene obscene or a mob scene, sex dramatic pain stalker live licker of liquor not a scene for sure a mob scene.
I have seen sensed as the drum beats rolled my eardrums, I could deny the presence of her demon, it over ruled me once again, lost hold as those shouting lips of happiness, cursed me into another phenomenal level that was reaching me to faith in my suicide.
I don’t care if the world is ending today, because I wasn’t invited in the destruction drama, I was a bone of spiced up words, temptation of self-attained looks that will ride you to the dramatics of your so called heaven as it isn’t as it is hell, I am not licking the heart of your very presence as I am demonic the only thing missing is a fantasy and a bitch like you.
What is in it or what is so funny, demon or an angel, because am renamed by your world’s league I am the Lord of the temptations curses, let me delight you with this lust an insecure demon who assures to security of the lusted worlds Crete. It’s like mine funeral, as everyone is attending and making sure I stay dead, I stay dead, will it surely assure your attentions of my dramatic death, make sure I am dead, as am not, Lord of the demanded never dies as the curse will then turn into an insane aids.
Like the crowd with a walking behind shadow, shall my demons watch over you, shall follow until they reach the grave where they will rest beside you, I assure the reoccurrence of the moments again, they will rule and they will overtake the demons of my insane personality.
Faith in my suicide.

An Outcast

October 23, 1989 birth of a new era in this beings life. Takes time to learn and develop a character which we have gained with the passage of time spent. In the early years of life as a child was very into myself, knew from the beginning that the end to my very existence will be very painful, but what motivated throughout the years and still is that how to go through this painful scenario that has developed in my head.
Often we desire that we can do things that can help us generate a new level of strength but we fail to do so, we lack in faith and in determination. Why not then stepping up and getting through the hard times and in these times develop strength a shield that leads us towards our victory.
Disowned by loved ones and left like an astray, There is always a hope for the wounded, the days when strength and happiness was in full strength, when tears used to write her name in words later formed to be poetic quotes, for now she is offending in her thoughts, need to strengthen so cure can help resist the consequences of pain and suffering.
Desires are always to satisfy our lust for possession, for lust was never a hurdle, and never felt like weak in times when there was suffering for gaining, but now there is no hope, and wilderness rust is over lapping the dreams once seen, for now an outcast is no longer stubborn as was in times of strength.
Loneliness itself a disease a sarcastic disaster, strikes the mind like a hurricane, often things happen, atmosphere change, but this scenario is so underlining, I often think how can I overcome this dark factor, listening to music think of loved ones, pray so many aspects can be brought in, but there is always a silence leading to something new, that very new factor is something that causes a change.
Things happen in life, that cause change, a time to harvest a time to sow the seed, once the organized plot is set the standards start coming. Over ruling the thoughts that come first, opinions start rushing your thought line.
From a distance a couple was sharing their moments of the past or present not really aware of, started starring at them and a sparkling glow started to fall in my eyes, as I turned my eyes around I saw a man with his uncle a worker at the department sharing what happens in the university, as I wagged my eyes I saw another couple walking, they were shy but very confident in their relation, but the observer itself is lonely, how come he is lonely? Are we designed to be alone, The ultimate God created us and brought in a gift a pleasant being to stand next to us in every era of our lives, still we fight with our loneliness.
Cold and lost, uncertain of the next moment, the present is striking my head to think of the next strategy, focused very much on achieving something, which is a very common factor.
Every man for itself, every being for itself has a circle of thoughts, a world of theirs. Do we tend to be like this or are we haunted by this sarcastic scenario, freedom we say we live, but we don’t because we are haunted by our own very thoughts. Lights are sparking in the darkest part of night, they shall lead me home, and shall I follow them or the divine authority above in heavens.

Not in further strength to write…

Love like never before… She kept me on my toes…


Christmas 2012, was a Victorious Christmas of my Life, when I finally finished my Portrait of my Girlfriend.

I am Paul, as many of my friends Know me around the World, I am a Preacher, Photographer, Designer, Biker, Blogger, and a Loving Love for my Jocelyn. 

I have been in relation for so many times, all that ended on 2012 Christmas, I got a full-stop in my life, where I had to began with a new sentence, and That sentence only consisted of Me and Jocelyn and the life we will share, Its been 10 months already we are in relationship, and we are Best-friends and share every matter with honesty and Integrity, Which is such a blessing for each other, I am so happy that I am in Love with this Girl…

The Story Begins when I first saw Jocelyn in VBCI, The very first word came in my head was “crazy girl”, I had no Idea I was going to commit on spending the rest of my life with this beautiful blond. We both were in VBCI and I was a second year and She was a 1st year, and according to the rules we could not date, but God had a different plan for us, sometime when I remind myself of the past days I am filled with Joy.

At the first semester started of VBCI Jocelyn ended in Continuum and I had to teach her Graphics, which she was really not interested in, But I had to teach her no other way around, and in my head I still had that thought am stuck with a very young girl who is new in life and everything is exciting for her, but still for me she was a “crazy Child”. 

Season of Love has no perfect timing it can happen any time, Love has amassed me so much same is the Love of Christ, when He came in my life, there was no perfect moment or time it just happened, and the sudden effect lasted till today…

After 2days of teaching Jocelyn Editing, we were in continuum, surrounded by many eyes, and voices, everyone was working, I turned around and looked at Jocelyn, and a “Pause” that’s when I fell in love with her, that very moment I got a full-stop in life, and not sure how I can explain more… 

But every thing has its own terms and conditions. God created Man and gave him command over all living beings and then He saw man has need, he needs a partner, even though we today emphasis so much on God my first partner, I cant do anything, I absolutely will agree with that, but We still need a companion, some one we can Kiss some one we can hug, some one we can laugh or cry with, someone like Eve for Adam in the Garden of Eden. There are people who decide to live alone and serve the Lord for the rest of their days, I respect that and Honor them, but for those who feel that they need a partner, I urge that Partner with some one Who is for you.

The moment I felt that “Pause” when I looked in her eyes, I wanted to express my feeling but I stopped myself from doing that, instead I kept quiet for the next few months, That night I was standing in my room balcony, closed the patio door, and started looking at the Stars, and Saw them and was amassed, I wanted to tell Jocelyn What I felt in my heart for Her, But God had a different plan planned out for me… Good thing my Heavenly partner was working along with me, I prayed about it, and in the spirit I felt that 24th December 12:00 midnight I will tell Jocelyn what I have in my heart for her, how much she means to me, Now all these thoughts were to quick to start with.

God is so great He has planned an abundant life for us, He has given us authority over all. I remember the promises He made with Abraham, That is a reminder to all that What God does is eternal, and is forever.

This time in life I left all in the Hands of God I decided to wait until Christmas. But it should not be a boring proposal, so I had to do something special, something I had never done before in life, so I bought a Diary and started writing poems of Love, only for Jocelyn, every word I had in my Heart I wrote it with absolute clarity, and When I felt that this is not enough, I started making a Sketch for her, which was big as a “42 inch LED Screen”, I made the first sketch which I was disappointed, because I am an artist I wanted to see perfection, so I made another one It took me almost 2 weeks to get it done, and I finished 2 days before Christmas, In my heart “I did it, God you were with me the whole time, so be with me now”. 

So I found Jocelyn sitting in the Corridor of our living place, She was sitting skyping with her mom and family, well I asked to wake up till the Christmas rings for 2012, and she did, She was extremely tiered but she waited and when the bells rang I gave her the Christmas present, ” Sketch + Poem book + Letter “… not sure what would happen next, and she said Thank you and went into her room, I felt like I disappointed her or made her feel bad, I came back to my room with absolute no hope, and getting punched right on the face, I was upset, :/ and went to bed, with a little prayer with my words to the Lord, ” God in your hands I give all Happy Christmas Good night mom dad and all” and off to bed was me…

What happened next day was a blessing rain from the heavens, I said “I love you” in return she felt it the same way, we decided we will know each other more than what we know than the usual, and it was a wise decision, and as School year passed, things became more greater for both of us, and we were enjoying our selves and out relationship, God was working among us, and I felt so much in Love.

During all this time I proposed Jocelyn under the moon light and made a covenant with her ” For I am man, and I serve a God who is King of Kings, and I will be with you, and honor you as long as I live, I wont look onto other women for I am yours and yours alone, I will lay my life down for you as Christ did, I will love you Like the Lord loved me despite of who I am and was, so will I do the same, I ask you to be mine today and forever more, ‘Will you marry me some day'” and I stood up brought her close to me, and reached my hands towards her face and Kissed her.

I have never Kissed a girl like this in my life, I never proposed a Girl in my life like this, This was something that was very Divine, and very special, under the moon light, and off we went to our rooms, and from then on we became more close and our friendship grew stronger and stronger…

This is what happened in my life that I really believed I wanted to share. I am 23 years old and am engaged to a beautiful young Blond, She loves the Lord, and the best part she keeps me on my toes…

Dedicated to my Love forever till the end of my days… My one true Love Jocelyn Bartzen.

Engraved on a glass like life…

Image Our lives are so clear, maybe its our eyes that need some sort of treatment or medicine, to see things the way The King of Kings see, A glass like life we have, today we are tomorrow who knows what happens.

I still remember those days when I used to be a stud in high school and college and kept on keeping my pride so strong inside of me, Some days of my life my pain grabbed me so hard, I tried to let go all these cults, I had engraved on my heart, like tattoos my past was horrible and painful.

January 5,2012 was the day I was to preach at VBCI morning chapel service, and I choose a topic from one of the Old Testament books, One of my favorite book to read, even though it is dry and full of sorrows, but in it I see myself completely defined, The Book of Ecclesiastes. It was my 2 semester after new year, and It came to my ears some one wished to hear a sermon from the book of Ecclesiastes, without keeping a second thought in my mind I decided to preach from this book.

3rd Jan 2012,A day from the day I was to preach at morning service. I had a dispute with a loved one 5:30am TH GSM in the morning, I was raged with anger, It was the worst day of my Life, I went back to my dorm and cried so loud, and I was without a clue, what to do. anyways things happen in life and we learn from them. The day comes 5th Jan 2012, had a great worship in the morning, The person I prepared the sermon Left the chapel right after the worship, Because the person had to attend a meeting at the deans office. So I stood without noticing she was not on her seat, A bit sad, maybe she is mad at me, maybe she hates me, Goodness, my sermon, My head was full of freaking and scary thoughts. I started with a prayer and million tears in my heart, I started with a hope, that If not her, then others, Well In my previous Chapter of my Kings Art book blog things happen as they are meant to happen, cause is simple “Destinies are decided in heavens”. I preached and it was my life’s best sermon, well preached, conveyed the message on to the hearts of the receivers. I preached from Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. What happened after the sermon was extraordinary, God saw my heart. I was in study hall and She came in held my hands, and told me something which stoned every thought every particle around my very presence, tears flowed through my eyes, I said sorry. From that day on I took a challenge to see and do things different, the way I used to do.

Ecclesiastes 3:9 says “What do we gain from all our work?” (Good News Bible)
We gain an everlasting price of the good things we do, a simple word “Sorry” created a difference in the life of man like me, and taking a challenge that day embraces the glass like life of me. Kings Solomon in his words show great wisdom. A man like whom was no other man on the very face of the planet earth. Ecclesiastes 3:9, Challenges me still today, that one day took me from one turning point to a new perspective for life.
Challenge yourselves today for a tomorrow, that ensures today that you will definitely be successful.
Proverbs 25:11 “an Idea well-expressed is like a design of gold, set in silver” (Good News Bible)
Dedicated to a very Special person, A challenge that challenged me to engrave gold on silver.
Ps-Birdie Letendre (A mother and a friend in faith for eternity)